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How to Know When You've Found THE Dress!

Let me tell you right away, this post isn’t going to give you a magic answer. However, after years of experience observing brides say “Yes!” there are a few common themes that pop up over and over again. There is not one specific way to shop. Everyone is different; Some people know at their first appointment and some need to think about it and that’s okay. Also, some need to try a whole bunch and some only need 3 or 4. What is most important is to know that no matter how it happens for you, you should listen to your gut.

The list below includes common indicators that the dress you’ve found is the one for you! You may not experience all these, but typically a few of these things will happen and that’s when you know it's THE dress.

Key indicators

  • You can’t stop thinking about it.
  • You can picture yourself walking down the aisle in it.
  • You aren’t picking apart “flaws” on the dress.
  • Many times you have a feeling before you even leave the fitting room
  • Tears (happy of course)

How did you know your fiance was “the one”? Probably your heart. So if your heart is telling you YES, then listen to your heart! Don’t put pressure on yourself to find the one. Let your heart guide you and enjoy the shopping experience.


-The Ladies of Louise Christine

Shopping With a Budget

In our opinion, one of the best pieces of advice we can give brides before they begin dress shopping is to set their gown budget. If you want a successful and stress-free shopping experience, it’s best to decide on a budget ahead of time. This includes having the budget discussion with whomever is buying the dress. 

Many times when we sit down with the bride and her group at the beginning of the appointment the bride is able to give details about her wedding vision including the venue, style elements of the wedding, and even what she envisions for her dress. But one question that we always ask, the dreaded “Do you have a budget for your dress?” question, often brings an uncomfortable feel to the air. It becomes apparent quite quickly if a budget has not been discussed or the bride is unsure who is paying for the gown!

Now, some brides or groups may think that the budget isn’t important at the beginning of dress shopping… either because the bride “Is only looking right now” or “She isn’t ready to find a dress, we just want to see what’s out there…”. But time and time again, we see brides who say Yes! to their dress when they didn’t expect to! Many times “just looking” turns into falling in love with a dress- and fast! So just like that *snaps fingers* you are staring at a dress you love without giving a thought to how or who is going to pay for it! 

This is why it is so important to follow these tips:

  1. Research ahead of time the price range of bridal gowns you will be looking at (any store should be able to tell you their price range over the phone).
  2. Set a budget for yourself in collaboration with the person purchasing your dress (if it isn’t yourself).
  3. Stick to the budget as best as possible and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience!

Once you shop with a budget in mind, it allows your consultant to pull dresses within your price range that will WOW you + your crowd...Which is the ultimate goal!

Enjoy this season of life and happy shopping! 


The ladies of Louise Christine